Aug 04

Online Trading GuideEvery one wants to be making money. And traders and investors are just normal professionals who earn their living through the stock markets. A common question that arises in every one’ mind is Why should i invest? Well every one and any one who wants to be making money should be investing. When you invest in any company by buying its shares.

Then you simply become a rightful owner of the company. Though it is a very small percentage. But as the company grows so does your share in the organization. Hence if you bought say hundred shares of a company for about Rs. 30 then your initial expenditure is three thousand rupees. Now as the organization grows the value of the share may rise from the earlier Rs. 30 to Rs. 60. Hence now your initial investment of three thousand rupees stands doubled as six thousand rupees. Each and every company wants to grow either in terms of revenue, profits, employees, market share or the number of projects and hence you can expect a company’s stock price to increase in the longer run.

Online Trading GuideNow trading or investing in stocks has become really easy. Due to the internet that has come in to our lives you can buy or sell stocks, commodities, currency just by a single click. There are several online brokerages that allow you to trade in various instruments online. Online trading has caused a revolution these days as any one and every one who has an internet connection can now trade in shares of his or her choice.

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