Aug 01

Online Trading AccountIn order to do online trading on one of the established stock exchanges in Indi a like the National Stock exchange or the Bombay stock exchange you need to open a demat account. A demat account is an account that belongs to an individual and is necessary in order to be able to trade shares online. In order to create a demat account you need to meet a DP. You can get in touch with any of the major private sector or the public sector banks in the country. These banks will let you open the demat share trading account.

While opening the demat account you might need your PAN cars. The PAN card or the personal access card is a card that is issued by the government of India and it is a personal card that only u can possess. If you do not yet have a PAN card then it is advisable to get a PAN card in your name because for not just opening the demat account but for several other purposes as well you might need the PAN number. You can visit the following link in order to get a PAN card made in your name.

Online Trading AccountThe demat account can also be opened by the brokerage that you want to register with while wanting to trade shares. You will find the names of several brokerages as well as sub brokerages on this web site and you can contact any of them as they will also help you in trying to get a demat account made under your name in order to do online share trading.

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