Aug 11

Online NSE TradingThe National stock exchange or the NSE is one of the biggest stock exchanges in the country. Situated in the capital city of Delhi, it has thousands of investors trading on the national stock exchange every single hour. Most of the big companies in the country are listed on the national stock exchange and hence investor can invest as well as trade in them.

The national stock exchange has its own web site which investors can visit in order to find if a specific company is listed on it or not. You can also find any other information relating to investing in companies which are listed on the NSE.

The web site of the Nifty or the national stock exchange isĀ

There are more than 850 companies listed on the NSE on which investors can invest in. You can do online trading on the national stock exchange through any of the brokerages that you want to. There are several online brokers and portals as well through which you can do online trading.

Online NSE TradingThere are in all 850 trading members associated with NSE which provide trading in over 1000 equities 2500 debt securities. It also provide trading platform in derivative instruments like index futures, index options, stock futures and stock options. The National stock exchange provides an on line trading facility for its investors as well as traders. This trading facility is called National Exchange for Automated Trading (NEAT). It is similar to the facility offered by the Bombay stock exchange referred to as the BOLT.

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