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Online Commodity TradingCommodities can be of several types like energies, meats, grains, financials etc. Trading in commodities, stands today as a very lucrative profession. The exchanges in India that allow you to trade in commodities are the following,

•    Bhatinda Oil Exchange Ltd. (Bhatinda)
•    The Bombay Commodity Exchange Ltd. (Mumbai)
•    The Rajkot Seed oil & Bullion Merchants` Association Ltd (Rajkot)
•    The Kanpur Commodity Exchange Ltd. (Kanpur)
•    The Meerut Agro Commodities Exchange Co. Ltd. (Meerut)
•    The Spices and Oilseeds Exchange Ltd. (Agra)
•    Ahmedabad Commodity Exchange Ltd. (Ahmedabad)
•    Vijay Beopar Chamber Ltd. (Muzaffarnagar)
•    India Pepper & Spice Trade Association. (Kochi)
•    Rajdhani Oils and Oilseeds Exchange Ltd.  (Delhi)
•    National Board of Trade. (Indore).
•    The Chamber Of Commerce, (Hapur)
•    The East India Cotton Association (Mumbai).
•    The Central India Commercial Exchange Ltd. (Gwalior)
•    The East India Jute & Hessian Exchange Ltd (Assam)
•    First Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (Kochi)
•    Bikaner Commodity Exchange Ltd. (Bikaner)
•    The Coffee Futures Exchange India Ltd. (Bangalore)
•    E-sugar India Limited.
•    National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited.
•    Surendranagar Cotton oil & Oilseeds Association Ltd,
•    Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.
•    National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd.
•    Haryana Commodities Ltd. (Hissar)
•    e-Commodities Ltd.

Online Commodity TradingThe major indices for commodity trading are MCX, NCDEX and NMCE.  MCX is the largest index as it involves a huge volume of trading. More details about MCX and NCDEX are given below on the following web sites. These web sites will offer you all the information relating to the various commodities which are traded on these exchanges.

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