Aug 06

Online BSE TradingThe Bombay stock exchange is one of the largest and the oldest stock exchanges in the country. Located at Dalal street in southern Mumbai, this stock exchange has attracted millions of investors. The Bombay stock exchange is also referred to as the sensex. The sensex is the weighted average of the stock prices of 30 companies. These companies are from various industries like Banking, IT, power etc. The sensex is a general representative of how the stocks are moving on the bombay stock exchange and what is the market sentiment at that time.

The Bombay stock exchange provides online trading through a popular facility known as the BOLT (The Bombay stock exchange on line trading) platform. Earlier when an investor used to buy the shares of a company, he used to get a certificate where as now since all the transaction happens online, h e does not get such a certificate. On the BSE you can trade in any stock of a company that is listed with the Bombay Stock exchange. Remember when ever trading you should use a registered broker to carry out the operations. You should make sure that the broker is registered with the SEBI that is the Securities and exchange board of India and the BSE.

Online BSE TradingThere are in all nine hundred plus trading members associated with BSE which provide trading in over 4500 equities as well as 1400 debt securities. It also provide a trading platform for traders and investors in derivative instruments like index futures, index options, stock futures and stock options.

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