Aug 12

ICICI Direct Online TradingICICI Direct is a very popular brokerage and web site that allows you to trade in various instruments online. You can access the web site on the following web address.

You can log on to this web site, create an account and begin trading on any instrument that you may wish to. This online brokerage portal provides a lot of information to all investors and traders. It keeps updating the changes in the National Stock exchange as well as the Bombay Stock exchange.

Whatever be the latest news, events and happenings on the business front that may impact the market or any particular company are updated on the web site and hence investors can go through them before they go about trading. The live market news is also provided on the site.

ICICI DirectAt the end of the day, once the market has closed for a particular day, the top gainers of the Bombay stock exchange as well as the national stock exchange are listed and so are the biggest losers that are listed on this web site. The web site also offers you tips on which stocks may be the right ones to pick up as indicated by market analysts as well as equity research analysts. This online web site is a complete portal to as it gives all the information that the investor may be looking for. At this web site you will also see the profiling of initial public offers of companies and technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis of companies.

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