Aug 02

Dos And Don'ts For Online Trading•    Remember the online platform may be open to a lot of people hence if you are using a public computer do not save your username password or any other details which can be misused by other people.

•    Do not do any online trading from any web site which does not begin with https. Https sites are secure sites and hence are considered ideal for online share transactions.

•    Do not disclose the password of your demat account to any one and remember to keep changing it from time to time.

•    Do not get carried away by any Market rumors and make sure that the information you obtain about a certain stock or a company is from reliable sources before taking any decision based on those sources.

•    Do not get carried away with equity research analysts calling a stock the hot buy or the got selling stock. Use your own discretion. Go through the financials of the company and make your own decision.

•    While using the facilities provided by an online broker or sub broker make sure you that the broker has a contract note which has been issued as well as signed by the Securities and exchange board of India(SEBI). The brokerage can not charge more than 2.5 per cent brokerage and you should ensure that they don’t.

•    Also you should keep asking the broker or brokerage to issue you monthly statements of your account with the monthly transactions if any listed in the statements.

•    You should go throw the rules, regulations if any provided by the national stock exchange or the Bombay stock exchange or the securities and exchange board of India.

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