Aug 17

Online Trading Software

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Online Trading SoftwareOnline trading software’s are increasingly getting popular these days. You can easily find several online trading software’s on various web sites online. Online trading software’s can either be used by brokers or sub brokers in order to perform the necessary share transactions that they have to. The brokerage generally sees thousands of transactions being made by investors and traders using their online brokerage services and hence there is a need to have an online trading software in place that can cater to the needs of the thousands of investors as well as traders who are wanting to perform online transactions every single day.

Online trading software’s are also used by retail investors like you and me. It is handy to have a software that lets you log on to the internet and tells you about the latest happenings in the market, the price movement of your favorite stocks on the sensex, how the rupee is fluctuating as against the dollar or the euro etc. Such online trading software’s make investing and trading in software’s a very easy job for investors like you and me. Since the investor is not required to go to several web sites in order to get the information that he is looking for and all of it can be found by just using one software, online trading software has become a hit.

Online Trading SoftwareMost of these software’s are real time software’s as they carry the information of the market on a real time basis as and when it is happening. Thus the futures market, the bonds market, the options market, sensex, Nifty, essential commodity exchange and even the news regarding foreign exchange is updated at regular intervals on such online trading software’s.

Aug 15

Online Options Trading

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Online Options TradingA popular form of trading these days is the options trading. In financial terms, an option generally refers to a contract between a buyer and a seller which gives the buyer the right to either buy or sell an asset at a particular day at a particular price which has been agreed upon by the two. But the contract here gives the right and may not be an obligation for the particular person. Because of the right the seller gets a premium from his or her respective buyer.

There is a difference between the call and the put. The call gives the right to the buyer to buy the item where as the put gives the buyer the right to sell that particular asset. There is a long drawn contract between the two parties who are being a part of the options contract. The options contract may generally have the option given to the buyer of the contract, the price at which the transaction is going o occur, the quantity of the assets for which the contract has been drawn and any settlement terms if they need may arise.

Options contracts may be of the following types. Either the exchange option contract which has been done over an exchange and hence is a standardized contract or may be the over the counter contract which is written between the two parties and is not done over any particular exchange. There are several models which are sued to measure the value of the contract like the Black Scholes technique or the Stochastic volatility models. Thus these techniques to a certain extent help in determining the value of the contract.

Aug 04

Online Trading Guide

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Online Trading GuideEvery one wants to be making money. And traders and investors are just normal professionals who earn their living through the stock markets. A common question that arises in every one’ mind is Why should i invest? Well every one and any one who wants to be making money should be investing. When you invest in any company by buying its shares.

Then you simply become a rightful owner of the company. Though it is a very small percentage. But as the company grows so does your share in the organization. Hence if you bought say hundred shares of a company for about Rs. 30 then your initial expenditure is three thousand rupees. Now as the organization grows the value of the share may rise from the earlier Rs. 30 to Rs. 60. Hence now your initial investment of three thousand rupees stands doubled as six thousand rupees. Each and every company wants to grow either in terms of revenue, profits, employees, market share or the number of projects and hence you can expect a company’s stock price to increase in the longer run.

Online Trading GuideNow trading or investing in stocks has become really easy. Due to the internet that has come in to our lives you can buy or sell stocks, commodities, currency just by a single click. There are several online brokerages that allow you to trade in various instruments online. Online trading has caused a revolution these days as any one and every one who has an internet connection can now trade in shares of his or her choice.

Aug 03

Tips For Online Trading

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Tips For Online TradingBuying or selling a stock is just like buying or selling a car or any other household appliance. Think of how much research you would do when you would be buying one of those and hence while buying any stock any equal amount of research is required. Better than just trading in stocks what might be more beneficial could be long term investing.

Traders normally buy stocks for short durations of time and part ways with it as soon as they feel that they have made significant profits but if you were to invest in a stock for a longer time you could make more profits from it. That is if the general trend of the stock remains upwards and so do the markets. You should never fall for any market rumours or any speculation news items that come out in the open.

You should depend on your own observations and research or the research of any other knowledgable or trust worthy person. A lot of trading analysts or equity research analysts come up with hot selling or hot buying items. But rather than just plainly going by what other people say you should always apply your own discretion.

Whenever investing or trading that the stock market may be a risky proposition and hence it is better to diversify your investments in several companies or several types of investments in order to minimise the losses if one of them goes through a tough time. Also it is important to note that not all the part of your portfolio be allotted to share trading. Some money should also be kept aside so that it helps you wither any market upheavels.

Aug 02

Dos And Don’ts For Online Trading

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Dos And Don'ts For Online Trading•    Remember the online platform may be open to a lot of people hence if you are using a public computer do not save your username password or any other details which can be misused by other people.

•    Do not do any online trading from any web site which does not begin with https. Https sites are secure sites and hence are considered ideal for online share transactions.

•    Do not disclose the password of your demat account to any one and remember to keep changing it from time to time.

•    Do not get carried away by any Market rumors and make sure that the information you obtain about a certain stock or a company is from reliable sources before taking any decision based on those sources.

•    Do not get carried away with equity research analysts calling a stock the hot buy or the got selling stock. Use your own discretion. Go through the financials of the company and make your own decision.

•    While using the facilities provided by an online broker or sub broker make sure you that the broker has a contract note which has been issued as well as signed by the Securities and exchange board of India(SEBI). The brokerage can not charge more than 2.5 per cent brokerage and you should ensure that they don’t.

•    Also you should keep asking the broker or brokerage to issue you monthly statements of your account with the monthly transactions if any listed in the statements.

•    You should go throw the rules, regulations if any provided by the national stock exchange or the Bombay stock exchange or the securities and exchange board of India.

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