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Choosing the Right Broker

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Online trading is fickle territory. Ensure that you choose the right broker for the job. If you don’t shop around for a broker you may end up with massive brokerage fees and the broker may have a completely different mindset in how they conduct their business than you require. Not all brokers are born equal. Some brokers specialise in large transactions, methodological processing or looking out for those new to the online trading world. If you are looking for a broker it is worth considering all of these things and more.

image Some online trading brokers will not look out for their client’s commercial interests. These brokers are best suited to veterans in the online trading industry because they will not question the buyer’s motives. They will generally offer processing services that cuts them out of the transaction while just taking a fee for the services rendered (which sometimes does not seem like much – however it is their connection you are using in order access the market). If you are new to the online trading world they will probably be better served with a brokerage institution that can offer some advice for portfolio management and what to purchase.

If you have a lot of money to invest then you probably are not going to feel terribly keen to entrust such a large sum with a new or small brokerage. In this case you are better off shopping around for a large brokerage institution that has some big clients. That way you can be assured that you are dealing with a brokerage that has some experience in the online trading industry. Don’t feel like you are limited to a single broker either. Test how the broker conducts business if you have the money to spread around to multiple investments. Pigeon holing yourself to a single broker may be a mistake in the event you are able to find a better deal elsewhere.

Aug 13

Share Khan Online Trading

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SharekhanSharekhan is a popular online web brokerage house which is accessed by thousands of users every single day. It offers you to trade on the popular stock exchanges like National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange. The important thing about this web portal is that it isn’t just another web portal allowing you to trade but offers several features which may be helpful to the people who are interested in trading or investing in stocks or any other instruments. You need not do a thorough research of the market as sharekhan takes care of that. It offers you the latest news and the happenings in the Market. Thereby indicating investing in which stocks may be good from the point of view of long term or short term profits.

www.sharekhan.com, the portal also offers you your entire portfolio management. Portfolio management refers to the management of all the funds that are there in your portfolio. Portfolio management helps to make the most of your money and also helps when one of the types of investments is going through a bad phase and hence ideally you should be able to diversify your investments through a bouquet of investments so that your net returns are not affected even if one of the investments go bad.

Share Khan Online TradingAll you need to do is create an account on this web site and log on to it and you may begin trading safely whether it is on the Bombay Stock Exchange or the National Stock Exchange or even the commodities market. It is one of the best portals in India and attracts several visitors every day.

Aug 12

ICICI Direct Online Trading

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ICICI Direct Online TradingICICI Direct is a very popular brokerage and web site that allows you to trade in various instruments online. You can access the web site on the following web address.


You can log on to this web site, create an account and begin trading on any instrument that you may wish to. This online brokerage portal provides a lot of information to all investors and traders. It keeps updating the changes in the National Stock exchange as well as the Bombay Stock exchange.

Whatever be the latest news, events and happenings on the business front that may impact the market or any particular company are updated on the web site and hence investors can go through them before they go about trading. The live market news is also provided on the site.

ICICI DirectAt the end of the day, once the market has closed for a particular day, the top gainers of the Bombay stock exchange as well as the national stock exchange are listed and so are the biggest losers that are listed on this web site. The web site also offers you tips on which stocks may be the right ones to pick up as indicated by market analysts as well as equity research analysts. This online web site is a complete portal to as it gives all the information that the investor may be looking for. At this web site you will also see the profiling of initial public offers of companies and technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis of companies.

Aug 09

Trading Brokerages In India

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Trading Brokerages In IndiaWith humongous volumes being traded every day, there are several brokerages all over the country that facilitate trading either online or through their branches or offices. You can go through the list of trading brokers given below. We have tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible, but there may be other registered brokerages which you may not find in this list. Some of these may also be investment banking companies or online financial companies.

•    5Paisa.com – Online trading.

•    Advani Share Brokers – Share broking.

•    Olympia Securities:NSE stock brokers

•    Anand Rathi Securities – Portfolio management.

•    Birla Marlin: stock broking

•    CIL Securities – Stock broking

•    DSP Merrill Lynch – Investment banking and also a brokerage

•    Dutt Stock Broking Ltd: A specialist securities firm

•    Dalmia Securities – Stock broking

•    Gandhi Securities – Stock broking
•    Idafa Investments – Stock broking

•    Investsmart India – Online brokerage services

•    Kisan Ratilal Choksey Shares – Stock broking

•    Kotak Securities – Brokerage services

•    Navia Markets – Stock broking

•    Quantum Securities Pvt Ltd: Based in Delhi, Members of NSE and BSE.

•    Parsoli Corporation – Investment management & stock trading

•    Pratibhuti Viniyog – Stock broking

•    Prudential – Investment management

•    Motilal Oswal Securities: Mumbai-based stockbroking firm; member of the BSE, NSE and OTCEI

•    StockMarkit.com – Stock quotes, news

•    Sunidhi Consultancy – Stock broking

•    PPFAS Ltd: Mumbai-based broker

•    Skindia Finance – Brokerage firm

•    Walletwatch: Financial Portal

•    SeekandSource.com: Stockbroking firm in Mumbai; member of the Mumbai stock exchange

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